18FT HVLS Industrial Big Ceiling Fan

18FT HVLS Industrial Big Ceiling Fan

Taking advantage of American advanced technology, we manufacture the large ceiling fan with propeller blades, which guarantees continuous air flow in the room even if the fan rotates very slowly. The air speed of this ceiling fan is 2-3m/s, which can make people free very comfortable. If the air flow is too strong, people will feel dizzy and tired. So our design is very hommization.


The large ceiling fan is widely used in large industrial factory, commercial building, stadium, farm and so on. Our products have already enjoyed great popularity in the market.





In Spring and Autumn with temperature between 20°C to 34°C,industrial ceiling fan can bring natural ventilation and cooling.


In Winter, people can’t feel warm in large commercial space even if turn the air conditioner to maximum. That is because heat air and cool air are separated at high altitude and heat air gather on the top of the building. Sometimes this situation is very serious so that to greatly reduce the effect of air conditioner. Industrial large ceiling fan just can solve this problem very well and save 15%-25% heat loss.






A, Once motor is broken, the beep indicator will alarm, and the power will be cut off automatically so as to ensure safety in production.


B, The blades are connected together, so even if the shaft is broken, the blades will not fall down. That is to take precautions to ensure safety.


C, Even if the motor shaft is broken, or the coupling is loose, the fan will not fall down, because it is fixed by a L type hook and all fasteners are high strength grade and non-slip self-locking nuts.


D, The plate is firmly fixed to the shaft by expansion sleeve, which is locked by special device so as to make sure the expansion sleeve will not be loose at all.


E, The industrial ceiling fan is fixed to the ceiling by four pieces of wire rope, which can ensure the ceiling fan will not shake and fall down.




1)High efficient air flow

2)Strengthen the air cycle effectively

3)Low cost and free maintenance

4)Provide cool air flow in summer and hot air cycle in winter

5)Large application area

6)Propeller blades guarantee safety


Environmental Protection

1)Very low enery consumption

2)Provide natural ventilation and lower the temperature effectively

3)Refresh the air continuosly




Amount of Blades:8pcs

Motor Power:1.5kw

Fan Diameter:5400mm

Rotation Speed:30-50R/M

Total Height:1100mm


Average Wind Speed:3m/s

Application Area:1050m2

Product Origin:China  
Model Number:AWF48  
Brand Name:Aipukeji  

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